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Hi! Nice that you want to participate in the very 1st Smoke&BBQ Competition!

November 5th it will take place at the Bronckhorster Brewing Company located at Rhabergseweg 9, 7224 NA Rha the Netherlands

You can apply for the single or double Steak SCA or for 3 different Ancillaries!
if you wanna become a SCA judge you can apply for the Judge Class, this will take place on friday November 4th.
The price includes one year of SCA membership!


1. Anything with Smoke&BBQ, we will provide you with one of the 3 delicious rubs and then you can be creative!

2. Burger Build, you will receive 2 Veal patties and then you may create the most original and delicious burger!

3. Taco’s, let’s see how you can blow away the judges with your taco’s !

Prices will be announced soon or do you want to win that Golden Ticket?

Only paid registrations are final!

Tijden 5 November

08:00 – 10:00 opbouw van teams en de bbq markt
11:00 team meeting en uitzoeken steaks
12:00 judge meeting
13:00 Hamburger build turn in
14:00 1e steak turn in
15:00 A/W Smoke&BBQ turn in
16:00 2e steak turn in
17:00 taco turn in
18:00 prijsuitreiking
Daarna afbouw teams en markt

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